Emile Henry Pizza Stone: Fine Bakeware or Beware?

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Emile Henry pizza stones have me curious.

I know Emile Henry makes beautiful and a bit pricey bakeware. My hope is that if they make a pizza stone they’re going to do it right.

red Emile Henry pizza stone

my mysterious new emile henry pizza stone

 Emile claims a lot for these stones.

Such as, that this bakeware can take up to 750 degrees F of heat, 400 centigrade. And that these baking stones are extremely heat shock resistant.  So they can not only serve as traditional pizza stones in your oven, but go on a grill or barbecue as well.

And after all that they can wash clean in soapy water. They look beautiful and come in many colors.  So it would be nice if they really are that easy to care for. They suggest cooking other food beyond pizza on them, so I guess they’re convinced.

Since they’re made with a special glaze on the cooking surface, they are hopefully right about easy cleaning.  Because if you make more than a pizza or two, something’s going to stick.

And while we’re on the subject of their special glaze, the packaging describes a microcrazed surface to the glaze that delivers a crisp crust. A normal glazed surface would have little chance of this.  Crazing is is a fine, controlled network of cracks in the surface of the glaze.

Emile Henry Pizza Stone Packaging

This stone comes in a pretty package.

If it lives up to all its claims, I’ll be pretty crazy for this sexy bakeware.

Overall, it looks like an interesting bit of competition for a cast iron pizza pan, which works so very well with a perforated aluminum disk or screen.

But it arrived for my birthday, and it’s not my birthday yet.  Maybe I’ll bake a pie for my own b-day…

If you’ve used one of these stones, please share your experience in the comments below.


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