Get More Pizza out of Your Pizza Stone

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With the same stone and peel you can make a bigger, more disaster-proof pizza.

First a couple of ifs:

This tip only applies if you’re making a large pizza and want to maximize your pizza real estate.

And then only if you have a rectangular stone.

I happen to fit both these ifs.

By definition your rectangular pizza stone is longer on one side and shorter on the other.

When you’re placing your rectangular pizza stone in your oven, you probably set it on the oven shelf with the longer side running the width of your oven shelf and facing out towards you. That’s what I did for years.

Thing of it is, the typical wood pizza peel is longer than your stone is wide.

So it’s easy to build a pizza on your peel that’s going to be just a little too wide for your stone. You can wind up with an inch or more of pizza overhanging the stone and making a mess.

So here’s the simple solution:

Place your pizza stone in your oven with its longer side running front to back. End of problem. (You wouldn’t believe how many overhanging pizza crusts I had to herd back onto the stone before I figured this out!)

wrong way to slide pizza onto stone

Wrong Way: Pizza overshoots stone and burns

pizza stone

Right Way: Full sized pizza fills peel and fits stone.


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