Breakfast Pizza Recipe from Pizza Pal Rich

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Rich is a customer who’s great about asking advice and sharing his pizza experiments.

He’s been exploring various cheese mixtures, using cream cheese as  a unifying element.  He also seems to insist on Kraft cheeses. I’m just pretty much passing along what he told me about making the breakfast pizza in his photo.

I’ve had some great pizzas that featured egg as a topping. But this is the most purely breakfast pizza I’ve seen.

Hearty Breakfast Pizza Recipe


Here’s Rich about his Breakfast Pizza creation:

 Hi Pizza Dan.    

I am pretty busy these days experimenting with cheeses and am keeping a record of the results.

It’s hard to experiment because I can only eat so many pizzas at 1 time.

Right now I eat 2 pizzas a week. Death by pizza is the title of my book.

Also experimenting with screens and perforated alum. Disks. I will give you my cheese recommendations for your use, as soon as I finish my cheese mixes. I hope I don’t drop over from eating too many pizzas.

Only kidding. I hope I made you laugh a little bit. 

 This turned out to be a good breakfast pizza recipe. 

 The Dough:

  •  King Arthur unbleached flour, 3 cups
  • + 1 & 1/2 tsps of rapid rise yeast
  • with 1 t-spoon of sugar.
  •  Mix yeast & sugar together with 1&1/4 cups of warm water.
  • Add 1 tblsp of salt to flour & mix.
  • Add yeast & sugar & water to flour as it mixes.
  • The formula on the rapid rise yeast is 1/2 tsp of yeast to 1 cup of flour.   


  •  Scramble 6 lg eggs until 1/2 done.
  • Fry 10 links of pork sausage & cut into small pieces.
  • Cut fresh ham(preferably) A steak ham, into small pieces.
  • Sprinkle 1cup of cheddar cheese over ham.
  • Add 1/2 of large sweet onion-diced over cheddar cheese
  • & finally, 2cups of pepperjack cheese over onions.

These are all Kraft Cheeses W/ Philadelphia cream cheeses mixed.

Spray  16in. perforated disk with pam.

I put the disk on a 14×16 in. pizza stone.

Heat oven to 425 degrees for 18 to 20 min.

I put flour & corn meal on the cutting board to roll out the dough. Just a small sprinkling of each.

I haven’t tried Rich’s breakfast pizza yet.

Just like my dough, I’m not always an early riser.  So it might have to be a brunch pizza for me.

But I love the spirit of pizza invention and adventure here.

Some of my best pizzas have been thrown together in the moment.

If you have some dough ready you might just want to stop and think:

What’s in my kitchen, or my garden?

Some interesting combinations just may come to you.



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