Homemade Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

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I’ve had several memorable slices of thin crust pizza in Los Angeles.

I particularly remember a place across the street from a movie theater in Westwood. It was fun to watch the film stars emerge from their limos for the premieres while we ate to-die-for pizza at our table across the street. I’ll bet I remember that pizza better than some of those starlets remember that night of flashing cameras and floodlights.

So, even while I don’t necessarily agree with the premise of this article that there isn’t enough great pizza in L.A., I’ll never argue with the idea that it’s a good idea to make pizza at home. Here’s a nice recipe to do just that.
home recipe for thin crust pizza 

Thin Crust Pizza: Why Not Make It at Home?

“Though we at KCET Food have tried our darndest to abolish the myth that there’s no good pizza to be found in L.A., the lie still persists. But then we realized: everyone could always, you know, make their own pizza! This recipe comes from KCET cooking …KCET”

I have a few quibbles with this recipe, but you won’t go too far wrong following it.

For some reason they say bake at 500F.  If your oven goes hotter, go hotter. And then don’t bake as long.  Also, they talk about using vegetable oil. I’d use olive oil if possible. More authentic. Probably healthier.

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